Sunday, 15 April 2012

A cold April for a change

It's now half way through the month and there is every indication that we are in for a colder than average April. In fact it could be the coldest April since 1989 although a lot can happen in 2 weeks! In recent years we have had many warm Aprils. Last year there was record-breaking warmth during April and, excluding this month, the 3 warmest Aprils since 1900 have occurred in the last 5 years. Looking at the top 10 coldest Aprils in this area since 1900 the only ones in fairly recent years that have featured are 1986 and 1978. Most of the top 10 (6 entries) are made up of Aprils from the first 30 years of the 20th century. The coldest April of all was 1917. To put that April into perspective, the mean temperature was 6.0 Celsius, compared with 8.2 Celsius so far this month (last April, 2011, we had a mean temperature of 13.6 Celsius). It looks as if both the April of 1917 and this month were/are showery months, but it was noticeable that up on Hampstead Heath there were 13 days when sleet or snow was observed and grass frost occurred on 26 nights. So, the air was obviously cold, and in that year the temperature didn't rise above 15 Celsius until the very last day of the month. We' already had 16C!!

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