Sunday, 17 July 2011

Wet, but could be wetter!

As the rain hammers down again, it looks as if the monthly average for July could be exceeded by the end of today. In recent years there have been several quite wet Julys. In 2009 measurable rain fell on 22 days, and in 2007 over 124 mm of rain fell, including the 41mm that was recorded on the 20th. Some of the most intense rainfall of the year can fall in July, and large totals over a very short time period are not that unusual. Kensington had 25 mm of rain in 12 minutes on the 11th July 1927, and on the same day 37 mm fell in 18 minutes at Balham. On the 26th July 1946 there was a fall of 50 mm in 35 minutes at Kew. Some parts of Greater London have had over 100 mm in 24 hours and southeast London appears to be particularly vulnerable to these heavier falls. Over most of London it looks as if 1918 had the wettest July with parts of southeast and east London recording over 200 mm of rain. West London fared better with only 121 mm of rain at Kew, a figure this month is moving towards; but will it reach it?

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