Sunday, 3 July 2011

July, the best summer month?

It can be argued that July is the best month of the year even though many of the high temperature records have occurred in August. Looking at the statistics for Morden, these covering the last 22 years, it would appear that day-time temperatures for July are 0.2 degrees warmer than those for August (23.3 against 23.1). Rainfall is 12mm less in July compared with August (43 against 55), in fact in recent years July averages out as the second driest month of the year behind March. All the summer months, along with May, only have 11 days with significant rainfall (0.2mm or more), but it's the subtleties that make July the best month. It hasn't the same number of very chilly days that can often spoil a June (Only 2 of the last 22 Julys have had maximum temperatures below 16, yet 17 Junes have had chilly days including a high of only 11.8 in 1998). August has had 2 years with maxima of 16, but in most years there is a distinct feel of autumn late in the month as the heat from the sun becomes less apparent. So, that's the argument for July, and today is a perfect example. Light winds, a mix of clouds and sun and a temperature of 24. Unfortunately, by Wednesday we'll be seeing the bad side of July weather!

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