Monday, 11 July 2011

A touch of optimism for July, maybe!

The general consensus is that this July has been poor so far. Statistics bear this out, with rainfall (up to the 10th) already 50% of the monthly average and temperatures the lowest for 23 years. The month has a long way to go and changes may occur. In some years they are marked. For example, in 1980, after a cool and wet June, holiday-makers were hoping for a better July. Alas, the first day of the month brought strong northerly winds, persistent rain and drizzle and a high of only 15. At midday in central London the temperature was only 12! A couple of dry and warmer days were then followed by more rain, and on the 8th another very cool, windy and wet day occurred with the 9th little better. No let up in the unsettled weather occurred until after mid month with infrequent sunshine and afternoon temperatures typically between 14 and 17. Finally, a sunny day occurred on the 21st, and although the maximum was only 19, it was the beginning of a spell of summery weather that lasted until the last couple of days of the month. On the 25th the temperature reached 28. Despite the warm end to the month, July 1980 was the coldest since 1922, and in recent years, although poor Julys have occurred, none of them have approached the dire weather experienced during the first 3 weeks of that very forgettable month.

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