Saturday, 4 June 2011

1976 and all that

The grass is beginning to turn brown quite widely, just as it did during the summer of 1976. If the media were to believed in those hot and dusty days England would never again be a green and pleasant land. Of course, the rain arrived in spades late in August and through September. By the end of autumn, there was little to show for the prolonged dry spell. Aside, that is, for a few dead trees, most of which weren't native to southern England. So, where does it leave 2011? Although, it was the driest Spring this year in living memory and beyond in this area, the winter was fairly wet. Already this year we've had over 50mm more rain than we had in the first 6 months of 1976. Also, the weather patterns showed marked differences between the Springs of 1976 and 2011. As a result temperatures are very different. March 1976 was cooler than March this year with no days exceeding 16 Celsius (5 this year). April 1976 had near normal temperatures compared to the record-breaking warmth this year. By way of contrast, May was fairly warm in 1976 with the temperature exceeding 29 Celsius as early as the 7th. Although this May was reasonably warm there were no hot days. June 1976 was outstandingly warm, and although the maximum temperature today is around 27, a decline into maxima mediocrity seems imminent.

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