Monday, 2 February 2009

The heaviest snow in South London since.....

The 19 centimetres of snow that fell yesterday and overnight has got us trawling through the record books. 'The snowiest since February 1991' is a typical quote from the media, but in that month, the Morden area only had 16 centimetres of level snow. Back in January 1987, it was bitterly cold and there were some deep drifts, but again the level snow was only 16 centimetres. Snow stayed on the ground for a while in the winter of '81/82 but not particularly deep, and then it's back to the 'winter of discontent' - 1978/79. Certainly on hills, and particularly in north London, snow depths exceeded 20 centimetres, but not in Morden. Early March produced depths close to 15 centimetres, but December 1962 had heavy snow on Boxing Day, followed by further significant falls later in the month. The resulting depth was 25 to 30 centimetres. That's where the record lies.... so far!

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