Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How severe can the frost be?

There is much talk at the moment about severe frosts affecting this area over the coming nights. So how severe can severe be? Last night ice formed on the pond as the temperature dipped to minus 3, and ice will probably stay on the pond for several more days. If the ground remains frozen that helps nights to become colder, and a deep snow cover helps even more. Since 1991 the lowest February temperature has been minus 6.0, this being recorded in both 2007 and 2008. The lowest temperature of any month recorded at this site was minus 9.9 on the morning of February 10th 1991 over 17cm of fresh snow. Prior to that, the temperatue was almost as low in the February of 1986. The coldest Februaries overall since 1900 didn't necessarily produce the lowest minima, mainly because strong winds and cloudy skies prevailed. In 1947 a minimum of minus 9.7 occurred but the lowest seems to be minus 11.8 in February 1895. Is it there to be beaten?

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