Saturday, 22 August 2009

Not a vintage August.....but

In recent weeks there have been less grumblings about the poor summer. In fact, in the London area August has been a month of consistently warm weather. The temperature has reached, or exceeded, 20 Celsius on every afternoon since 20th July, a total of 30 days! If maxima reach 20 Celsius on each of the next 9 days, then this August will be record-breaking. Even in the hot Augusts of 1995 and 2003 there were days when the temperature failed to reach 20 Celsius, and further back the August of 1976 had some cool days during the last week. It remains to be seen if this month produces a record, but in this so-called poor summer there have been 72 days (including April and May) with highs of 20 or more. In the memorable summer of 2003 there were 117 warm days, including 22 maxima above 20 Celsius during September.

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