Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Yes, it's Spring

Yesterday, the first significant rain since the 10th March occurred. It marked the end of a very sunny, and mild, spell of weather that has helped to push Spring briskly forward after the relatively cold Winter. In Morden, March is, on average, the driest month of the year. There have been 10 Marchs in the last 100 years when less than 10mm of rain were recorded in the area, the most recent being in 1990 when 5mm fell. The driest March was in 1929 when just 1mm of rain was measured. By way of a contrast, the cold and snowy February of 1947 was followed by a very wet March with 118mm of rain falling in southwest London. It remains to be seen at what end of the rainfall statistics spectrum the final figure for this March will lie.

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